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long catch-up post

September 19th, 2013 at 02:56 am

I feel like I need to empty my head of my financial chatter, beware!

Just like too many food choices contribute to overeating, too many accounts are making me financially sloppy.

Right now I have several accounts opened- in my previous town, in my new town, one with SO, online, etc. I'm working to pare this down to a local account and an online account. I'm making too many financial mistakes trying to keep up with everything.

The problem is that I have to transfer all of the debits and deposits to the surviving accounts. My new paychecks are already scheduled to go to my new account, including the summer pay I'm setting aside to cover me for the months I don't get a paycheck.

I need to contact my current tenant with new account information so that he can start depositing rent into one of the remaining accounts. (I have a checking account in my online account that is devoted to my rental).

Then I need to verify one final time that I've stopped all automatic payments and withdrawals from my old accounts. Update automatic payments to reflect my new account.

THEN I can close my old accounts. By the middle of October those accounts should be gone. I'll have fewer opportunities to make mistakes!

Overall, I'm pleased with my new life out here. I've always been one who can find the good side of things. Out here, there are many career opportunities and chances to grow my income. Financially this is a huge boost for us. There are also lots of things to do with my family on the weekends, and a huge variety of people living here. It's great for my kids to live in such a diverse area.

Do I miss my old hometown? Yes, my family and close friends are there. The beach is there. It is more laid back there. But SO has to be in the D.C. area for 4 years, so I'm making the best out of it. If we do go back in the future, I will be in an even better position financially and career-wise to be more successful in my hometown. Sometimes you need to get away for opportunity. It doesn't mean you can't go back.

1 Responses to “long catch-up post”

  1. rachel021406 Says:

    Its nice that you can look at it all with a positive eye. Moving is a big change. But I hope it is a good change.

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