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It's on in 2011!!!

December 28th, 2010 at 04:47 am

Wow, I can't believe I haven't updated my blog in a couple years. This is going to be the year I hold myself accountable!

A very bad habit of mine is that I get intimidated easily and don't follow through with my intentions. For example, when it comes to running, I'll be on track to make my miles for the month, but I always let something get in the way of my success. Why?

Inside of me, I have some sort of hunger to create a business of my own, a creative outlet. Yet when I get started on an idea, I never follow through. I think about negative things others could be thinking, or I worry that I'm not qualified enough to provide a service. Why?

Is my self-esteem that poor? I hope not. I think I need to work on positive self-talk and build up my self confidence.

So in 2011, I vow to NOT BACK DOWN! Do what I say I'm going to do!!! The ocean of fear I feel like I'm floating in sometimes? Embrace it, dive into it. Once I am fully submerged, it's so freeing. I welcome the chilly feeling of fear, I'm not going to dread it. I'm going to reframe my thinking. Ooh, it's spine-tingling, that means I am growing and about to embark on more adventures. I'm too young to give in to fear! Who knows what can be out there if I open myself up to it??? Why set limitations on myself?

Happy New Years, everyone, many blessings to you all!