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Must hide all the chocolate

April 21st, 2013 at 04:32 am

I am on a sweets kick, ugh. Litte DD wanted to bake some brownies, but I seem to be the one eating them! I also picked up some fudge "for the girls" yesterday from a local shop. Usually I don't even bring that sort of stuff home. I do so much better when the stuff isn't even in the house.

Besides that, I've had a productive weekend. Doggie developed conjunctivitis so an unexpected vet visit and medication cost $82. That took up much of my extra money for the pay period, so there is no $25 for plants. Instead little DD and I bought some colorful annuals for under $5.00. At least they will brighten up the yard. I will pick up some annuals next pay period with my spending cash. I did plant some hostas a few years ago that came back last year, not sure if they will return this year. I didn't realize I had to move them in the winter, oops.

I have a couple different options for work/home next year. I'm ready for a decision to be made, the uncertainty is irritating.

On the list for today: run 3-4 miles, watch videos for my class, meet with instructor online, prep for work week ahead. I may not have to leave the house at all, unless I want to do my run outdoors.

Class #3 has started, time for flowers

April 17th, 2013 at 02:56 am

I finished the orientation and saved all of the first unit's materials to print today. Looks like my weekends will once again be filled with online videos and studying! Not looking forward to that part AT ALL, but the information will be super useful to me at work and will help my career. Must remember that.

I'm thinking ahead to the weekend. Besides homework, I want to take a break long enough to go to the local nursery and pick out some plants to freshen up our front yard. I will set aside maybe $25 to do this, so I need to pick carefully. Besides an azalea bush, I'd like some annuals (those are the ones that come back each year, right?) that are successful in full sunlight. Any suggestions?

Restful Spring Break!

April 6th, 2013 at 04:41 pm

Sunday will be my last day off before returning to school from break. I will be energized, though, and ready to wrap up the year soon. I have lots of paperwork deadlines coming up from now until school is out, so I know that the rest of the year will go fast.

We spent 4 days in DC with SO. Although chilly, the weather was mostly pleasant. I got to take my girls to a few local parks and hike, lots of fun! We also went to see the cherry trees and visited the National Harbor. It feels good to be back home, though, and we are all looking forward to tomorrow so that we can rest and prepare for the school week.

I did not do very well with my spending this paycheck. My 13 year old has been going through a growth spurt, and all of a sudden she can fit into ladies sizes, where's my little girl?! Frown So I picked her up several new outfits that she can mix and match and they should suffice for the spring. I also picked up the 9 year old some clothes that were on sale. Shoes for both of them.

I didn't find anything for myself, though I could really use some Springy clothes. Although I want to wear some professional classy clothes, most of my time is spent hands on with the kids on my feet all day and I need to find clothes that reflect that as well. I get overwhelmed and then I don't buy anything.

I went ahead and transferred some money out of short term savings to cover the spring clothes (that sort of thing is what it is supposed to be used for, anyway). I will "live" the rest of the week with money for groceries and gas and that is about it. I spent my extra spending money on Spring Break.