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Taxes are finished

February 8th, 2014 at 03:56 am

I submitted federal return online and I'm going to have to mail in my state return due to the different filing status I have to put, my state doesn't recognize my marriage. So I basically had to do my taxes twice- once as a married filing jointly for federal, that I actually submitted electronically. Then I had to create a "dummy" federal return that I wasn't going to submit, just to get my info into the state return. If it sounds complicated, it was! I couldn't figure out how to skip the federal component and just input my data directly into state. I think the only way I could have done that was if I went directly to my state's website, but it looked like filing there was only available if you were under a certain income? The whole process was a PITA. But it's done now.

I am in the process of streamlining my finances just a little bit more so that I have fewer accounts out there. Two should be taken care of next week.