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Early paycheck

March 30th, 2012 at 01:58 am

I was expecting to get paid late tonight, but woke up to find my paycheck in my account already. I went ahead and finished the bills like always- I scheduled the monthly expenses that vary and updated my spreadsheets. (One for home, one for the rental). I went ahead and updated savings as well, that will finish going through within the next few days.

I am so thankful I made it to Friday! This week has been packed with stressful meetings and issues. I have spent Hours on "training", paperwork and red tape, hours that have kept me from my students.

I haven't heard from the job that I interviewed for last week. It appeared to be a very positive interview, and I was told that I would find out either way. They also said that they were interviewing for a few weeks, so maybe they are still finishing up? I'm trying not to fret about it, I just like to know that there is another option. Of course, there is Always another option, it may just not be a Better option!

Tonight I am attending a 3 hour online study class for my final. I'm looking forward to the chance to really review, I haven't even looked at my books or notes this week due to the schedule with work. I can take my exam on Saturday or Sunday. Then I can really celebrate Spring Break in another week!

Spring Cleaning and more

March 25th, 2012 at 03:45 am

We cleaned out the garage on Saturday. I've been storing stuff in a corner for a yard sale- a yard sale that I'm obviously never going to have. We loaded it all up in the van and took it to our local hospital thrift store. The garage looks beautiful, and it took less than 2 hours to do it all, including dropping off donations.

Of course, allergies were flared up after being around the dust and pollen that morning, but after a quick shower and drinking lots of water they were back under control. Didn't you know- drinking water cures everything?! Like on My Big Fat Greek Wedding and the Windex cure, my answer for every ailment is to drink lots of water.

My ex took the kids to see Hunger Games, so SO and I got lots of errands done in the afternoon. I even completed a workout video, first time in like 2 weeks, due to family sicknesses and my crazy work schedule. We were all together again at home by 5:30, where we had pizza and breadsticks for $9. We researched hotels for a summer trip and were in bed by 9pm. Productive Saturday!

This morning I updated my finances by transfering money to my savings and paying on my "monthly expenses" credit card. April will be my tenant's final month at the condo, so I will need to start looking for another tenant as soon as she moves out, I don't want to deal with doing walk-throughs with a tenant in there. I'll start planning all of that next month, I've got to get through March right now.

Today will probably be school work and maybe a run with a friend if the weather cooperates. I have a test to complete for my online class, then I've got to start studying for my final exam that I will take next weekend. I also have maybe 2 hours of work for my own classroom I have to finish before I get to school tomorrow. Well, the best way to get through it is to just do it! Here's to getting things done well!!!

More sickness

March 21st, 2012 at 10:47 am

I got the stomach bug that my girls had last week. It started last night, how miserable. Even typing on the computer in bed is tiring me out. I haven't actually left the bed for much besides running to the bathroom. Anyway, I plan on taking tomorrow off as well. I hate to do that to my TA, but I need to get 100% better before I head back to class, or else I will just keep getting sick.

I'm updating the cruise total to $737. I received a $50 cash back reward from Chase and a $3 rebate. Slowly, we are getting there.

I haven't done much else money related, it's too exhausting.

Monday funday

March 19th, 2012 at 02:39 am

No, really. I am looking forward to checking things off of my list at work and making some progress with my students in the classroom!

I was out of work Thu and Fri with sick kids. Fortunately by Saturday morning both of my girls were over it, so I guess it was a 24 hour stomach bug. I was dragging all week anyway and brushed it off, thinking it had to do with the time change. Now I know that I was sick as well, and just trudged on through it.

Thankfully, I woke up Saturday morning feeling like a million bucks. I ran 4 miles, did the grocery shopping, and some school work. Sunday I didn't do much besides eat, I still need to get back to a healthier diet. That's something else I can look forward to today, doing some healthier eating.

After work I plan on doing a quick workout dvd, then head to the ATM to deposit a few small checks that came in last week. We have our usual Monday night dance class, so we will have a quick meal at home before we take off again. Mondays always fly by for us.

For my online class I have one more test, then prepare for the final exam. Yes!!!

Last minute sick day

March 15th, 2012 at 05:55 pm

On our way to school little DD threw up all over herself and the car seat. As I turned the car around I left a message with work, letting them know I wasn't going to be in today. After she showered, I tucked DD into my bed. She slept for several hours and then sat in bed quiet as a mouse, gazing at the t.v. before she asked me to turn it off so she could rest some more. She won't be going to school tomorrow. If her dad is off tomorrow then she can stay with him, otherwise I'll be home another day.

I cleaned the downstairs while DD slept, and I am all caught up on my online class work. The afternoon flew by, like it always does when I am home!

I have a job interview next week! I applied for a position that was listed in our local online newspaper. In the cover letter I explained that I was under contract until June but could work part-time. I'm trying to gain experience/practical hours outside of my time spent teaching in a public school. I'm also looking into a "Plan B". I don't know if I can continue teaching under these conditions for the next 25 years, so I'm looking at different options I might have. I don't know what the pay might be, or even what position they are considering me for, (there are a couple), but I'm looking forward to meeting with the company and finding out more information about the field.

The job interview news really lifted me up, some good news in a hectic week.

Fast month, lots to think about...

March 14th, 2012 at 02:49 am

Yikes! March is just about halfway over! How did that happen?! The next few days will be mayhem, I will be looking forward to my bed each night. I don't like it when things get hectic like this, but it happens every once in a while. I don't have any plans for Friday, I think I want to keep it that way for now. I also need a low-spend weekend, my bank account needs to heal from last weekend!

3 more weeks of my online class. I got an email from HR, there are funds available to reimburse me for my class, yippee! So long as I pass this class, I will get reimbursed my $850 tuition!

Warning, personal drama ahead... Within the next year there will be lots of changes in our household. ExH is retiring from the military, and will enter civilian life, which means a new job. His plan is to stay in the area, but probably just get deployed a lot through the private sector. SO will get new orders. This means a move is higly likely in the future, although she will try her best to get a new set of orders in the same area we are now. If she can't get orders here, then what? I want the kids to be near their dad, dad and I both feel that is best for them. This does put me on a holding pattern,though, because if my primary concern is keeping close to their father then we won't be able to join SO on a new set of orders. I'm making a conscious effort not to dwell on this stuff, but this is just an issue that is on my mind and kind of tinting things a little "blue".

High end fashion...what???

March 10th, 2012 at 07:19 am

We went out last night with a friend and his date. We missed happy hour but still had a great night. Didn't get to bed until 3, I haven't done that in a long time! Fortunately, I still have Saturday and Sunday to relax.

Our friend's date was visiting from a big city. He works retail at a high end designer and was telling us about the kinds of money some clients drop, amazing. Of course he was dressed to impress, you could tell he really loves fashion. I felt a little self-conscious for a moment in my Wal-Mart jeans (on sale for $7 and look great!) and a top purchased several years ago. But then I just laughed to myself. What would I do if I was wearing a $1,000 sweater and got poop on it?! It happened Monday at work, one of my students got sick. I guess I could take it down a notch and wear a $100 sweater instead, but poop is still poop. I would cry if I got something nasty on a $100 sweater. So I just go to the thrift store and buy the seater second hand for $3. It it gets poop on it, or snot, or paint, I don't cry. But I'm not a fashion girl even after work hours. I just don't have the knack for it. I suppose if I ever wanted to spend half of my salary on clothes I would expect the staff to arrange the outfits for me, I cannot pull together an outfit. But, we all have our strengths and weaknesses!

Credit card is back down

March 8th, 2012 at 02:35 am

The $2,000 payment went through on the credit card, to cover the big-ticket charges. Savings is a little low, but now the credit card is back down to just expenses charged and paid off monthly.

This weekend I intend to keep the eating out budget conservative. I will have to be more vigilent in my food spending, that's all. We already have plans to meet for happy hour Friday with some friends, so that can be our "date night" meal. It is the best bargain in town, I can get a drink, tip, and a good, filling meal for under $10.00. If I snack on some fruit or something else that is healthy before I leave I can probably get by with ordering something a little smaller to eat. Of course, the night will be rounded out with a few more drinks (though not for the driver), but that is part of entertainment budget.

$4.00 came from a refund, so that brings cruise fund to $684. Next little milestone will be $700. We are getting there, it just takes consistency.

A little bored, with money stuff

March 6th, 2012 at 01:20 am

Putting money in, taking money out, it just gets a little boring after awhile! I guess because it doesn't look like my money is really "doing" anything right now. I took out a chunk of savings to cover braces and school, and now I have to save that money up again. A little tiresome, that's all.

On a more fun note, I did a Zumba class last night while my DDs were in their own dance class. I actually brought my laptop to dance class. I planned on getting some work done while the girls danced. Then I just decided to join in the Zumba class, just for the fun of it. I couldn't stand sitting in front of the computer again. I didn't look too sexy doing the moves, but it was a lot of fun and I worked up a sweat from my head to my toes!

While I'm up early this morning I will get a little bit of homework done. 4 weeks till the final exam!

Paying off big-ticket expenses

March 5th, 2012 at 03:07 am

I transferred $2,000 from short-term savings to cover some big-ticket expenses that will be coming up- this week little DD will get braces. I'm also paying off the tuition I charged for my class. I should have this $2,000 back in the account within the next couple months. I might get tuition reimbursement (I'm on the wait list), and I'm waiting on my refund from the state of about $600. Coupled with my regular savings, I should still be able to make my short-term goal of $10,000 by June.

I tracked my expenses this morning and noticed a LOT of eating out charges, that has gotten a bit out of control lately. I enjoy trying different foods, but really, I need to find another hobby, this is getting expensive! I also need to pack more snacks and things, so I'm less inclined to stop for anything.

Time to pay up

March 1st, 2012 at 02:26 am

Agh! I've been slacking on the allowance lately, but the new American Girl catalog came out, so little DD now has some things she wants to buy. She tallied up her allowance for the past couple months, plus she traded me a gift card for cash... in all, I owed the little lady $6o! She was kind enough to write me out a bill and noted that it was Due March 20. At least she gave me a couple weeks' notice! I bit the bullet and got her cash out of the ATM after school. She's been counting her cash and reading the catalog for 2 days now, trying to get the best deals. Some of the things she really wants "Bitty Baby" brand, and is willing to pay for it, and other things she will find out in town. Little DD still has some more saving to do for the selection that she wants, but we also discussed picking up some of the items at local toy stores for cheap, like the baby feeding set. Now I have some gift ideas, anyway! I'll hunt Ebay and Amazon, and Grandma can search yard sales when the season starts. We've got to teach them while they are young to spend wisely, and that when they do spend, to make sure it is worth it.