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Summer income, what do you think?

March 26th, 2011 at 03:48 am

I'm a teacher so I don't work in the summers. I'm considering this year advertising a drop in "camp" for a child or two. Not designed for every day, but for days when a parent has an appointment or just needs a break. The idea is that the child comes hangs out with my kids and me during the day while we do campy kinds of things- go to the pool, local attractions, crafts, etc. Nothing extreme like water parks, but not a day of sitting watching t.v., either.
What do you think, as parents, would this be an interesting idea?

Beautiful Sunday

March 13th, 2011 at 06:01 am

I am enjoying some beautiful weather this weekend, what a sight after the winter!
Yesterday my daughters and I ran fun errands, some window shopping I promised them after a good week of getting ready for school and not killing each other!

My oldest loves Breyer horses, which are very pricey. She was dissappointed in the cost of these sets at a local store, so now we've got a new hobby. We are going to be hunting for these horses at yard sales and thrift stores! She wants them for the "play value", not as a collector, so she doesn't care if they have been loved a bit!

Today we will be checking out a new church and then heading to the beach for a walk with the dog, slack day, love it!

Those suffering from recent tragedies in Japan, I am praying for you and your loved ones for some peace and strength.

life choices

March 11th, 2011 at 02:25 am

After my February expenses and ongoing car drama ($$) I've finally been able to stash some extra cash in my efund, so I have exactly $8000. Whew. I'm making steady progress towards my goal, feeling a bit better. Then I find out that my roommate's coworker has $80,000 saved up. She's my age. I'm impressed by her ability to save so much, and I have to admit, a bit envious.

On the other hand, I'm pretty content with my life choices, and I recognize that the choices I've made come with consequences. Some good, some not so good. My ex and I chose for me to stay at home when our girls were young. This was important for us, and really improved our quality of life, but those were a lot of years where I wasn't making any money or building up my career.

Also, the subject of the separation from my ex. We have a much better relationship today, and our entire family structure is improved since our separation several years ago, as weird as that sounds. But now we have 2 households instead of 1. That's a lot of upfront cash, and I'm catching up from that.

Am I envious that I don't have $80,000 in the bank? Sure, for a little bit I was. But I've got the life I've chosen, and I'm proud of how I'm living, I'm proud of the life I'm giving my children.

I don't begrudge the coworker her $80,000. She's worked very hard for it- career military, single mom, deployments to war zones, separated from her child, committed to her job and her country. That came with her job, and she accepted it. She also has made good choices with what she has earned, and she is beginning to see the financial rewards!

Feb. review, fresh start March

March 1st, 2011 at 02:48 am

Financially February was a really expensive month, but that's ok. I planned for some of the expenses (painting, dog needs), and had money set aside for the gonna-happen-eventually (car repairs). I bought new curtains and things to enhance the lovely paint job, looks great but not cheap.

I want to make March a no-spend month. Of course I'll buy groceries and gas, but I'm tired of buying Stuff. Had my fill of that last month! Today is day one of no spend!

*Met February fitness goal, looks like when I really Want to do something I find a way to do it...hmmm