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September, just about done!

September 30th, 2012 at 04:39 am

September is always such a rough month for me. If the school system would start us out with appropriate staffing instead of playing hardball for a month or two, the school year could begin so much easier for everyone. Still waiting for the additional staff, but the desperation of the situation has been seen by the right people at least and I have been promised help.

I spent yesterday laying around, I was so exhausted from the work week. Later in the afternoon I got in the car and ran some errands, took DD to a birthday party, but that was about it. The rainy weather didn't help much, either.

I'm feeling much more refreshed this morning. I'm letting my coffee and yogurt digest a little bit and then I'm going to head outside to run. I rarely run outside because I like the weather to be "perfect". Today I just want to start running and see where I end up. I will go for time, no set distance. I will figure every 10 minutes of running equals a mile.

If the rain stays away today we will take the kids to the beach, there's a festival going on with all kinds of things to see and do.

I transferred my short term savings to my taxable investment account, so I'm starting over again with my numbers.

Quick midweek update

September 19th, 2012 at 02:42 am

No eating out: 15/18 days

Just wanted to update midweek before I forgot!

All of the bills have left the account already, so I have the rest to live off of until next paycheck.

Today is a very important day at work. I'm fighting for more help in the classroom, which means my coordinator will be observing most of the day. I have a couple students who probably need more appropriate placements, too. If they were properly placed then I could run the classroom much more effectively, and all of the students would have a stronger education. Lots of paperwork is due for these cases as well. I have a meeting this morning, a doctors appointment at the end of the day and then I have to rush back to work for another meeting. I am looking forward to knocking these off of my plate today!

Gotta love September

September 15th, 2012 at 06:31 am

Last night we met up with friends (planned eating out!) for happy hour dinner and drinks. About $40 for the whole evening for 2 people, can't complain! It was really nice to be with my friends again, a nice break.

Today we run shopping errands and then we will head to a couple birthday parties. One for a baby who is turning 1, and the other for my dad. So we don't have to worry about dinner tonight.

My paycheck posted and everything is scheduled to go out through bill payer and automatic transfers. I still do my automatic savings. My retirement contribution is automatic, then when the balance of my paycheck hits my account I have savings taken out automatically for my cash savings. I've taken money out to pay for unexpected expenses as well as fun stuff like a vacation, it's my general extra cash account. When it gets past $5,000 it gets dumped into the taxable investment account, and I start all over. Not very exciting, and a little too simple for some, but it has been effective.

weekend summary

September 10th, 2012 at 02:34 am

We did eat out Saturday, it was planned on the menu. We started with our favorite Indian place, delicious! We both ordered a drink but split an appetizer and entree. We still had enough left over for lunch the next day! Then we stopped at the Cheesecake Factory for dessert because we had a gift card I had received after taking a survey. I will be having the rest of my cheesecake for dessert at work today, something nice to look forward to!

I ran 4 miles on Sunday and did 2 hours of work, just to make a dent in the mandatory paperwork. I also did a lot of driving around to pick up kids and drop them off at different places. I dropped my 13 year old at the mall with a friend, it was her first time without me with her. It was the same mall I used to hang out at when I was a kid, I am now officially OLD! Ha!

Lunches are all planned for the week, and dinners too, through Friday. The gas tank was filled yesterday, laundry is done, I want a smooth week!

No eating out: 7/9 days

What I spent this week

September 8th, 2012 at 04:57 am

I think that the only money I spent this week was $2 for a bottle of mineral water and an iced tea for my daughter to take her medicine with (I bribe her with a tasty drink to take fish oil capsules). Since the mineral water was for myself I have to count that as eating out.

So for the week thus far, 6/7 no eating out days.

Both of my girls are signed up for the lessons of their choice, so we have our weekly schedule down now. My coworkers and I started our workouts after school yesterday, so that will also become part of our routine. Now it is up to me to stick to my plans of getting some running miles down on the weekends. No one can do it for me!

Plans for the weekend include grocery shopping, putting together a present for my dad's birthday, running a bunch of miles, and doing a few hours of work. The girls will be spending the night with their grandparents tonight. Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

First week wrapping up

September 7th, 2012 at 02:42 am

I'm shell-shocked from the first week back! Our class is very BUSY- a very busy, young group. But really sweet, and so much potential! I can't wait for things to settle down and we can start to really see what our students can do. Right now we are still learning the schedule, getting them into a routine.

I'm pressed for time right now and I'll do more reflecting later, haven't had much chance to review the budget really.

No eating out:6/6 days

A satisfactory Labor Day!

September 4th, 2012 at 02:14 am

Nothing too exciting for us, but I was pleased. The girls had a few birthday gift cards to cash in so we took them to a few stores. Then we all went to the pool for a final swim before it closes for the season. Wah. I don't know why it closes so early in our neighborhood, it stays in the high 80s and 90s for a good month! It felt so nice to swim, though, something I've always loved doing.

After swimming I was energized and got on the treadmill. I ran 4 miles, yippee! After showering and a bit more cleaning in the house, we had dinner and dance class.

Last night I researched dance classes for youngest DD, and registered her for one that she has been interested in for a while. That is an additional $48 a month. Still checking into vocal lessons for my other DD. I will have to do a bit of rearranging with the budget to cover these new expenses. I'll wait until the weekend to do that. I've got enough to think about today!
This morning everything should go smoothly. Outfits are picked out, lunches are packed, even breakfast is laid out as much as possible. Now I just need the girls to cooperate!
I didn't spend any money on eating out this month so far- I was treated to dinner and I also used a birthday gift card for coffee, but that is it.
No eating out: 3/3 days

finishing back to school shopping

September 3rd, 2012 at 05:25 am

Yesterday I made it out to one store, despite my miserably sick state. I picked up more clothes for the girls and was able to take advantage of a shoe sale so that I could get new running shoes for myself for just $25! I came home and took a nap, then spent a few hours finishing up a blanket I started sewing.

I finally had a good night of sleep and I'm getting better. I plan to help the girls go through their clothes and shoes and get rid of everything that isn't going to get worn, then make a stop at the local thrift store to deliver the goods.

My friend and I will start our afterschool workouts starting tomorrow, I'm looking forward to that! It's more fun with a friend, but besides my afterschool workouts all my other workouts tend to be done at home whenever they can be fit in.

I plan to be much more organized with the lunch packing and clothes planning with the girls this year, to avoid any morning rush. I want everything done the night before that can be taken care of. I need to stick with that.


September 2nd, 2012 at 04:17 am

Yesterday was my birthday, and we celebrated by having everyone over to the house. This was the first party we've had where we made absolutely nothing from scratch. And it tasted delicious! To be fair, most of the food was made at the local deli(fried chicken!) and bakery, but it wasn't SO or myself putting in the work. It really didn't cost all that much, especially considering we fed 12 people. I also will get a rebate of $10 for buying deli products.

I did get spoiled for my birthday with gift cards for coffee and a restaurant. My family and friends know me so well! My parents gave me $100, which I was not expecting, that was very generous! Into savings that will go until I decide what to do with it.

All of the dusting and paper shuffling at work last week caught up to me. My allergies are suffering terribly, not a good way to welcome the students. I still have a few days to rest before the first day of class, so I'm hoping to get this out of my system this weekend. I've gotten very little sleep due to the cold symptoms, but I know with time I will flush all of this out of my system and be healthy again. I just need to take care of myself.

I'm debating whether I should register for the 2nd class or not. It's a very tough class, but necessary. However, it also costs $890. If employee reimbursement is available (it may be depleted already) they have capped it at $620 per employee.
Classes start October 15 so I will need to decide soon. Another drawback is that school starts Tuesday and this time of year is crazy enough without hours of studying thrown in. Maybe I will just wait for the Spring session, it starts in January...

No eating out: 1/1 days