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Stretching my money

August 23rd, 2013 at 03:26 am

I have one more paycheck from my previous job on the 1st, that will have to last me until 1 October. My new job only pays once per month. I'm looking forward to knowing what my actual paycheck will look like, so that I can develop a better budget. I have run a paycheck model so I have an estimate, and I should be able to save quite a bit more at this job, even with the higher cost of living. But we'll see when the final numbers come in.

I will also put money aside in a high-interest summer savings account from my credit union, as my job spreads my salary over the 10 months that I work, leaving July and August with no paycheck.

So lots of budget tweaks to consider as I wait for my first paycheck. It should be larger than usual, though, since the additional trainings I've had to attend these past 2 weeks will be added onto the first paycheck.

I'm looking forward to getting my savings back on track so that I can still make my investment account goal by the end of December.

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