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Fundraising season

September 28th, 2013 at 03:08 am

After nearly 2 months of work, my first paycheck with this employer has been deposited into my account.
It was nice to wake up to the balance in my checking account. Now I have to make it all last until the end of October, when I get paid again. I will get used to getting paid once a month, eventually.

Oldest DD will be attending a chorus trip to New York in May with her school, so I will add those costs into my budget. $600 for a 3 day, 2 night trip that includes vocal instruction, some meals, lodging, transportation, and a Broadway show sounds like a deal to me!

The school of course is promoting fundraising for these activities. They are selling frozen pies for $15 each, and the students get $3 as their cut. I told DD she could help fund the trip on her own, doing additional chores, washing cars, etc. That way the money earned is 100% profit for her. And we don't have to pressure friends and family to purchase over-priced junk food!

Youngest DD is also fundraising for school, but fortunately they also promote the "easy" fundraising method where people just give the school money. Again, this method gives back all of the money to the school and not to a third-party. Children who raise funds in this manner also qualify for the giveaways and other incentives that encourage the students to earn money.

These fundraisers have really opened my girls' eyes to the value of money. The girls can either earn $12 for someone else and just $3 for themselves by selling a pie and dealing with that hassle, or they can keep the whole $15 by providing a needed service to someone.

4 Responses to “Fundraising season”

  1. TashaC. Says:

    That's a good perspective. I never thought of it that way!

  2. MonkeyMama Says:

    Yup, our school is way big into "100% proceeds to school" kind of fundraisers. Thank goodness!! I don't think we have ever been asked to sell anything. Phew. Which is fine - if they did - I'd just send checks to the school. But it would really annoy me about whatever company was profiting from the school's fundraiser efforts.

  3. creditcardfree Says:

    We have had three fundraisers come home so far. One for the middle school (magazines), one for the DC trip (pizza, soups and pies) and one for the band with both girls bringing home a packet (candy and wreaths). We already made a donation for the band. We skipped the magazine sales. I sent the DC trip fundraiser to work with my husband...where people did buy stuff. I feel a little bad about that but I did tell him to tell people no pressure to buy, it isn't my job to police everyone's spending practices. The profits she gets will be spending money for the trip.

    And guess what? There are at least three more fundraisers before the school year is over. This school is crazy for fundraisers. Ick!

  4. mimipaula1 Says:

    My husband and I are grandparents to 13 grandchildren, ages 1 year to 16 years. Recently, I made a decision that we would no longer "buy" into fundraisers that involve third-parties. Instead, we will make a flat-fee donation to the school organization that our g-child(ren) participate in.

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